Saturday, July 7, 2007

Gooooooood morning sunshine!((It's you, it's that shit stuck under my shoe))

Well hello there! Last night I didn't get a wink of mother fucking sleep, but hey, that doesn't mean I'm going to be in any sort of bad fucking mood. Let's start at about 4AM. I sat there. for a half an hour. trying to lick my elbow. then at around 5ish I took my dogs on a walk. At 5 AM. Only two of them, because little shithead shamus doesn't know how to walk on a God damned leash. And I'm not about to handle three god damned leashes and a CD player thingy(iPod is damaged). So shorty and snoopy came on this lovely fucking 3 god damned mile walk with me. I swear to god snoopy pissed like 5 times. I actually swore at him a lot. "How many times can such a freaking small dog piss one one freaking walk?" Well. Let's see. I took a walk to the park first. It was nice. I sat there through Waiting for my Ruca. On the way snoopy took a shit on my neighbors lawn. Serves the mother fuckers right for being such jackasses about the fireworks. Then... I took the other 2 1/2 miles in a mother fucking circle pretty much. The whole thing was just some god damned circle. So on my way I saw a few types of people. The people in cars... I looked at some of them and just thought "You poor bastard." I looked at others and was like you crazy mother fucker. Some of them flipped me off. I just kept walking for once. Hmm... I stood in the middle of the normally busy intersection and raised my "rock hands"( \m/ ) and just shouted GOOD MORNING NAPERVILLE. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Then... I was like mother fuckers because this house had this chopped down tree that I used to see every day walking home from school and thought it was good luck. So I flipped off the house. THE ONE GOD DAMNED HOUSE WHERE THERE'S A MOTHER FUCKING MORNING PERSON. GOD DAMN IT. So yes. Now as you can see, my morning has gotten off to a start that can only be described as peachy fucking keen. :) Can't fucking WAIT to see how the rest of my god damned day goes. FUCK THIS SHIT.
fucking Song of the fucking perfect god damn day-Garden (fucking) Grove-Sub-fuckin'-blime ((bitchh)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

mmk. been a while...

It's been quite some time since I've posted here. Not much worth posting. Sorry. Wish I could be more interesting for you :P

Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25

Whoops :) Missed a day. I'm sure no one noticed, so I'll just get on with today. I woke up around... 130 and missed my first day of work. That's always fun! Not much else has happened. :) Lalala.
Peace ..\/ Song of the day-too early for that.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Road Yet To Be Taken

I've been on this path for quite some time now
it's been a bumpy road
but now as I progress, I see ahead of me a fork
I stop to examine the roads.

The path to the left is worn
as though it has been walked upon by many a person
it has marks and signs
to help lead the way.

The path to the right is a little less trampled
it is clear not so many have chosen this way
maybe not because it wasn't right
just because it wasn't well known

So as I look both ways
I sit and reflect upon my options
Either I can chose the well known, often taken road
or the slightly more spontaneous road.

After quite a while of reflecting, I have made up my mind.
I get up, look both ways, and blaze a path of my own.
A path that has never been taken,
a trail that is yet to be blazed.

Now as I lead my way
I come across many roadblocks,
but I can whether anything,
for as I continue along, making my way through the brush, I know I have made the right choice.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 22((THUNDER!))

Family. They say you can't chose your family, but I think they're wrong. It all depends on how you define family. To some people family would be that bunch of weird people you're stuck with until you're 18. To me, family is a group of people who are there for me not only when they can be, but when they can't. That doesn't make sense. It doesn't have to. Family is people who love you not only for who you are, but who you aren't. They love how you have weird quirks, and are able to laugh at your every mistake yet still make you feel good about yourself. They don't care if you're not popular, all they care about it you. They don't want some little cog in the mold, they want someone whose completely original, and not just a shadow of someone else. Family is unconditional love. You can be the biggest fuck up in the world and they'll still love you just the same, maybe even more because it just shows you're human and make mistakes. My family would be... Lauren, Maddie, Alex P., Alex Wh., Angelo (=D), Matt, Josh, and Erin. Ooh def. Erin. (totes!)
Today... Today I went to Erin's and we jammed. And play the "in my pants" game where you add in my pants to the end of the song title. Oh jeez, it got BAD.
Peace. Song of the day-Thunderstruck, ACDC

June 21((It's a new day, but it all feels old))

Hey. Today was all right. Melissa and I were up till like 5. If you're a girl who gets freaked out by aliens, don't watch Signs in a cold, dark basement at 3:30 AM. Not a smart move on mine and Melissa's part. We finally woke up at around 12, about a half hour before she had to leave. But at like 5 we were calling everyone to try and find out what channel Barney was on, it was a freaking blast. After I woke up I went to the library to check out a few CDs and I also signed up to volunteer. That should be fun. So after the library I biked to Dominic's, where I got coffee(seriously, I'm like the last person on Earth who needs it) After that I went back home, uploaded my CDs onto iTunes then my iPod. Haha yay! Then I took the CDs as well as the volunteer form back to the library. Then.... Then I went to the pool with Amanda, after which I had a softball game.
Erin. What you said about me being a model. Even though I'm the last person on Earth who would be a model, why would I want to be? I don't want to sell myself as a product. I don't want people to see me in magazines and say "I want to look like that". What I want to see is people looking in MIRRORS and saying "I want to look like that." I don't want people to idolize others on their outward appearance, I want them to look more then skin deep and be able to see inside a person. I want to see more people like you modeling, and less like Bronge(God I hope she doesn't read this). You're way more beautiful then she'll ever be, and not because you have great facial features, no, because you're one of the nicest people I've ever met. I could care less about these shallow models in the magazines, I would never want to be like them.
Angelo. Just because you don't mind it doesn't mean it's not wrong. Don't let people like me treat you like that. I don't mind a lot of shit that people do but that doesn't make it right. You don't want the world treating you as it's doormat. Trust me on that one. Stand up for yourself, and if I start bitching just tell me to shut up. I don't mind.
Peace. Song of the Day-The Anthem, Good Charlotte

June 20th((Even though you're next to me I still feel so alone))

Today was flippin awesome. I woke up at like.... 11 and tortured Tim for a while. I learned House of the Rising Sun in about 7 minutes which was kinda cool. Then I walked around for a while, as I always do, and after that I went to Ocean's 13 with Melissa. It was kick ass. Then.... Melissa slept over. Haha it was totally fun. Peace. Song of the Day-Breathing, Yellowcard